• mGinger Pays You To Read SMS on your Mobile Phone
  • mGinger Provides you with descount coupons and offers so that you save more money
  • Earn more with mGinger by referring your family members and friends

mGinger is a service operated by Gingersoft Media Private Limited.

mGinger pays you for reading SMS on your mobile phones.

mGinger allows you to decide what category of SMS ads you would like to receive.

mGinger turns your mobile phone from expenditure to a source of income.

Increase your income by referring your friends and relatives to mGinger.
Get Cash Coupons and discounts on mGinger SMS and save more money

How You Will Earn From mGinger ads?

  • mGinger pays you 20 paisa for each sMS that you receive on your mobile phone
  • mGinger pays you 10 paisa for each sMS that your referred friend reads
  • mGinger pays you 5 paisa for each sMS that your friend's referral reads

How much you can earn from mginger program?

estimated earnings: rs. 1680/- per month



  1. You, your friends and your friend's friend read 10 mGinger sMS per day.
  2. You refer atleast 10 friends to mGinger.
  3. Each of your friend refers 10 members to mGinger

how to sign up for mGinger program?


  1. Click on the Blue Sign up button above.
  2. enter your details with your correct mobile number.
  3. enter the activation code you received on your mobile.
  4. enter your preferences.
  5. you are all set to go and earn money from your mobile phone with mGinger.